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The XIth All-Russian Scientific Conference

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Petrozavodsk, September 14-18, 2009

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Final texts of the papers

Final texts of the papers accepted by the Programme Committee shall be included in the RCDL'2009 Conference Proceedings.

In order to assemble the proceedings on time, we need the FINAL versions of all paper by July 5, 2009.

The final version of your paper should be sent via e-mail If the finalizing tasks are not completely fulfilled, the version shall be returned to the authors within several days:

1. Uniform style of the volume
2. All reviewers' comments attended to
3. Paper size adjusted

Uniform style of the volume

The material submitted should be ready for print.

We therefore insist that you stick to the style requirements. You will find detailed guidelines on text format in sample documents:

You may use these documents as the basis for your text or copy definitions of some stylistic elements from them. What matters is that the output conforms to the format requirements described in the document.

Submission package:

  • Original paper text in RTF format.
  • PDF version printable with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Reviewers' comments attended to

To see the reviews, visit your Personal Office at the conference website ("RCDL Abstracts" section). All comments you find adequate must be attended to.

If you find some comment unacceptable, you should substantiate your opinion in the cover letter.

Irrespective of the reviewers' comments, each paper must have a bibliography where each item is referred to in the body text.

Paper size adjusted

Text size must conform to the one stipulated by the Programme Committee.

If the Programme Committee resolution does not define the size, the following limitations should be followed (RCDL style):

  • Full version (paper) - 10 pages at maximum.
  • Short article (presentation) - 7 pages at maximum.
  • Poster (poster presentation) - 2 pages at maximum.

Please note these numbers stand for the whole manuscript, including list of references, etc.

Our address:
185910 Petrozavodsk,
Пушкинская 11, IAMR KarRC RAS
Phone: +7 (8142) 76-63-12
Fax: +7 (8142) 76-63-13

Last modified on June 17, 2009