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The XIth All-Russian Scientific Conference

Russian version
Petrozavodsk, September 14-18, 2009

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How to reach Petrozavodsk by train

The most comfortable way to reach Petrozabodsk is to travel by train. If there is no direct railway connection from your town, the best way to get to Petrozavodsk is through Saint Petersburg or Moscow. The railway station is situated in the center of the town, so it won't be a problem to get to a hotel.

  • from Saint Petersburg

    Train numberDirectionDepature timeArrival time
    658Saint Petersburg - Petrozavodsk22:0206:50
    022Saint Petersburg - Murmansk17:2000:35
    016Moscow - Murmansk08:5616:28

    We advise you to travel by train 658 (Saint Petersburg - Petrozavodsk)because it is the cleanest, quickest and the most comfortable by time.

  • from Moscow

    Train numberDirectionDepature timeArrival time
    18Moscow - Petrozavodsk18:2508:45
    382Moscow - Murmansk20:4511:07
    016Moscow - Murmansk00:5016:28

    We advise you to travel by train 18 (Moscow - Petrozavodsk).

  • from other Russian towns

    There are many trains to Murmansk via Petrozavodsk from other towns, for example Adler, Astrahan, Novorossiak, Minsk, Simferopol etc. Train schedule is better to look at the website of Russian Railways.

Conference participants arrived by any train will be met by organisers on the railway station.
Sometimes there are extra trains from Moscow and Saint Petersburg to Murmansk, but the timetable is essential to specify on the exact date.

How to reach Petrozavodsk by bus

There is bus service between Petrozavodsk and Saint Petersburg, Vologda, Cherepovec and Velikiy Novgorod. Detailed bus service timetable for September will be known later.

How to reach Petrozavodsk by plane
Airport "Besovets" is situated at a distance of 10 km. There were flights between Petrozavodsk and Moscow, Cherepovets and Helsinki in summer 2008. Schedule for September 2009 will be known in the end of March 2009.

Travel from Finland

Foreign participants can come to Petrozavodsk from Helsinki by bus or plane. To book seats in a bus is better through school organisers in advance. Plane schedule for September 2009 will be announced later.

Public transportation in Petrozavodsk

You can move around Petrozavodsk by trolleybuses, buses and fixed-run taxies. Conference locations, hotels and possible routes will be decribed later.


Our address:
185910 Petrozavodsk,
Phone: +7 (8142) 76-63-12
Fax: +7 (8142) 76-63-13

Last modified on September 4, 2009